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Having grown up by the sea, and spending the majority of my life in Australia and New Zealand, it is the landscapes and moods of those countries that have inspired most of my work to date.  Since coming back to Canada in 2007 ( I was here between 1976 and 1987), I am finding great inspiration from the lakesides and mountains of Ontario and Quebec to plunge into the depths of the Canadian landscape.

With a full time occupation as an Activity Director at a large Retirement Home, finding time to paint is always a challenge, but there is nothing quite like getting lost in the creative moment. 

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Galerie Old Chelsea

"Here, There, and Somewhere Else...places I have known"

Vernissage: March 31 2013

Exhibition: March 28th to April 18th 



5th Annual Oakpark Art Exhibition

Vernissage:  May 31st 2013

Exhibition:    May 31st to June 2nd 2013



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